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“Aurora” award recipient, will address the first World Humanitarian Summit


On May 23 the first World Humanitarian Summit launched in Istanbul, organized by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon initiative.


The summit was attended by representatives from 177 countries, including 65 heads of states and governments. They also invited the participation of non-governmental organizations, international humanitarian organizations, entrepreneurs, people involved in the crisis. In general, the number of participants is more than 5000.


According to the UN Deputy Secretary Steven O Brayen, the choice of Istanbul as the venue for the summit is due to the fact that Turkey has accepted the largest number of refugees. The goal is to focus on global humanitarian issues to gather together representatives of various countries and organizations.


As we were informed by auroraprize.com Aurora prize winner Margarit Barankice is  among the participants of the forum,who will speak at the World Summit. She will speak of how the conflict-affected communities through local initiatives have a direct impact on the humanitarian involvement, changing the rules. She will participate in the special session ”People are in the center”, while nominating its goals  the UN mentioned: “The Summit must emphasize the great movement of the logic of humanitarian initiatives, by which driving force for any humanitarian response will become provision of authorities to victims”.


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