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“Arevik-Armenia” has opened doors for children with disabilities from Syria


“Arevik” center is 14 years old. It was established in Aleppo and provides assistance to children and young people with disabilities. The center had stopped its activities because of war and it was reopened in Armenia only with the efforts of “Aleppo” charitable organization.


We are talking to the Director of the Center Alin Momjyan who worked at the same center   in Aleppo. Ms. Alin has moved to Armenia last year with her family and tried to implement the idea of reopening the center.


–         I was the Head of Music Department in “Arevik”. The center was established due to efforts of three Armenian communities.  The first director was Lusin Shahmelyan who had participated special training abroad and then transferred her knowledge of working with children with disabilities.


Ms. Alin remembers that the center has always been surrounded by sponsors and supporters.


-We had a group of women- parents who used to prepare meals every year on Vardavar and we used to organize large sales. And with the help of collected funds our cebnter existed. It was operating very actively, we were constantly adding new rooms, and they were almost 35. We celebrated 10 anniversary of the center hopeful to celebrate 20 anniversary in Aleppo, but the war canceled everything.


She says that a part of their pupils is still in Syria. Many of these failies cannot come to Armenia because of financial p[problems.


-We have children with disabilities – brother and sister.  They are our pupils but they cannot come to Armenia because it requires great expenses. They had social problems and now even more. For children with disabilities you need to carry out work and spend three times more. That is why many families were not able to come.


President of “Aleppo” Ani Palkhea noted that “Arevik” cenetr today operates due to the suggestion of parents of children with disabilities from Syria.


-There were many difficulties, it was cold in winter, the children had to sit with their coats, but the problems are gradually being solved. Very soon “Arevik- Armenia” will have warmer, brighter place due to our supporters.


Today 10 children and young people attend Arevik center. It provides not only food, but also organizes and implements educational, cultural and sport events.




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