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“What would we do if you had not come to our village?”…


Small society’s approach towards women’s involvement in politics has always been a conservative in rural communities. And although there were women who were active in their work and bold, however, irrelevant conversations were always present. Initially, it was the same in Ludmila’s  case when she married and came to Mrgashen community of Kotayk province 30 years ago,  especially when for the first time in 2004 was nominated as a candidate for city council. While until that there was no  woman in the City Council and  Lyudmila managed to get a passing votes.


“For that times it was strange and a topic of discussion that she used to wear trousers. Now of course girls and women wear trousers. They got accustomed to it. When I was nominated for the first time, many people used to say again that a woman’s task is to take care of family…”, – says Lyudmila.


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