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Aghavni Sahakyan: “If you are voluntarily leaving for a battlefield, you should fight equally with men”


“24 years have passed since the day of cherished liberation, but those years were like 24 days. We just had to liberate town, I also knew that we would conquer the fortress at any cost. The enemy was constantly firing settling in the fortress and  making  our church their warehouse of Grad missiles”, – recalls Aghavni Sahakyan – nurse, member of the liberation of Shushi – in conversation with womennet.am.


Many women fought alongside men in the Artsakh war and Aghavni was one of them, who together with “26”  took part  in defense and liberation battles of Shushi, Martakert (Dzldran, Monastery, Maghavuz, Drmbon etc.), Aghdam (Aliaghal etc.) districts, Stepanakert (Krkzhan) saving the lives of many soldiers.


“If you voluntarily leave for a battlefield, then you have no right to grumble and should fight equal with men. I did not just cook or bandage, was also inspiring men, who need courage, support.. You know, war is perhaps the only place where you get to know who is next to you, where everything is revealed”, -says Aghavni.


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