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”I saw how they grow up” – refugee children in photographer’s eyes


She is an Afghan refugee girl, who lives with her family in the subarbs of Islamabad – capital of Pakistan. I decided to give name and age to each child. Instead of wrting ”an Afghan refugee” I started representing them by names. This girl is Layba Hazart. She is 6 years old.


This is written by Muhhamed Muhejsen / a photographer of agency ”Associated press”/ who has photographed refugees for decades and now he has decided to publish his most impressive photos. ”During any conflict children suffer the most, so in my publications dedicated to refugees I focus on children more” – ”The Guardian” quotes the photographer.


In these photo there are Syrian refugee children. In the photo they are doing lesson in a tent camp, in a Mafraq village near the Jordanian border. The photo was taken in August of 2015. In camps children with small opportunities try to learn more.


A Syrian refugee girl is playing a rope. Her name is Zubaida Fejsil. I photographed in July of 2015. In my photo I want to search hope in these ruins. Each camp you go or each story you hear has two sides. On one side you see the dirt, and on the other you see how life is going on.

The photo was taken in the Greece-Macedonia border. I tried to show how life is going on even in such difficult conditions. In such a difficult situation each mother or father has one goal – to save their children. They may be helpless without money but do everything to protect their children and give as much love.


This photo was taken in Pakistan, Islamabad subarbs in 2014. They are selling baloons and gums – cheap things so that people can buy. However, for these children it is more than a baloon: It can be the only toy that they have ever had.

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