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Let our young people reach our age and pass it


«If I have come to Yerevan to participate in festival it means that my strength is still in place», – says 78-year-old Razmik Avetisyan who has come to Yerevan with his wife to participate in Festival of rural life and traditions. We got acquianted with them, when they were telling people gathered around their booth that their natural products are environmentally friendly. Indeed, the agricultural appearance confirms the foregoing. Cucumbers, tomatoes, egg-plants and broccoli attracted buyers with their appetizing appearance.


It was not easy to live and work for Razmik. Many times pest-insects or hail and the rain washed out the hard-earned fruits but he has never given up and encouraged his sons that next year they will get better harvest.


During the trainings organized within the framework of one of the programs funded by European Union jointly implemented with «Human dignity and peace» residents of Argel community were introduced modern agricultural knowledge  and skills of growing fruits and vegetables.


As a result of the effective use of agricultural technology and organic fertilizers productivity of the soil increased for two-three times, and then broccolli became the most favorite food on dinner.


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