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My family is me and my brother


Children twice suffer from domestic violence.


“My family is me and my brother. My mother works and father is not there”. For 7, 5 –year-old Arsen father is absent.


11-year-old Ani depicted her family where her father has devil’s ears and below the picture of her mother it is written “Dear mama”.


These pictures drawn by the hands of children were provided to womennet.am by the specialists of the Center of Women’s rights when we were curious about children of abused women. The center provides shelter to abused women with their children. In case of 99% women go to these shelters together with their children. Here, the children are provided with free psychological services, food, education, possibility of going to museums and theater, etc.


In an interview with womennet.am the director of the center Susanna Vardanyn could hardly indicate how many children suffered from violence they have dealt with during the time of their activity. But all of them have come here together with their mothers.


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