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“My dear, alive and dead, I’ll tell the world about you”…


Tsvetana Paskaleva, Bulgarian journalist  and documentary filmmaker, intends to start a world tour and demonstrate her 7-part series “Wounds of Karabakh” for the purpose of presenting the true story of the Nagorno-Karabakh war to the world.


“When I came to Armenia I could not think I would stay here for so long. The Artsakh people young and old, who were constantly under stress, were heroes for me. I was not sure I was able to endure that hardship together with them. But when I looked at the children and old people, I realized it was my duty to be beside them. They were able to endure that hardship. So I it was my duty to be able to endure as well,”  said Tsvetana Paskaleva.


At her press conference on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Armenian army, Ms. Paskaleva said that the demonstration of the films  will begin in Bulgaria. The series will also be shown in Greece, France, Russia and other countries.


“My story in Armenia began in a hard period, when the Armenian army was in the making, it was a hard time for Karabakh, bad as a documentarian I had first of all to remain alive. Then I had to tell about the heroic deeds on the battlefield. Those heroes made me like Armenians and Armenia,” Paskaleva said.


Speaking of her involvement in the Karabakh war, she said: “I have passed this way with difficulty, it was stony and thorny. I was deprived of education, I left my homeland but I do not regret. This is my home. When I leave Armenia for a month I feel parentless. I have sworn in on the grave of the hero guys that I would shoot this films and I have kept my promise”…


Tsvetana Paskaleva has shot 7 films about Nagorno Karabakh in six languages – Armenian, Russian, English, French, Spanish and Bulgarian:  Heights, hopes, 1991;  Will there be a morning over Karabakh, 1992;  My dear, alive and dead,1993;   Wounds of Karabakh, 1994;   The soldiers of their land, 1994 ;   Calm, 1995;   Faith and spirit, 2001.

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