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“Possession of Self-defense art is more necessary to a woman’’


At the center “Art of Staying alive”operating near park of “Nairi” hotel/ in Nork-Marash administrative district, master-instructors teach young boys and girls shooting, defense, first aid, and knowledge of martial arts techniques is reported to them. Beginning from April 4th, Commander of Special operations group and the club’s director Vladimir Vartanov announced free for military training courses for everyone, regardless of age and sex. Although the courses last for 10 months, but after April cases it became necessary to hold classes as soon as possible, within 1 month. 18-50 years volunteers who want to master the martial arts techniques are involved in daily trainings.


In an interview with WomenNet the instructor Aram Abajian said that the state of health of volunteers is very important. At the initial stage they pass the test, run, and stretch gymnastic exercise on, push off the ground and so on.


“Many people want to leave the front line, be next to the soldier, but if they had left unprepared, it would have disturbed soldiers more. The arms grip, gun control, precision shooting, run, hide in the trenches, attack, defend –  that’s the most basic knowledge of the important steps which are required to master any volunteer”, – says Aram Abajian.


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