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“Face to face with the silence…”


80-year-old Ms. Abramova considers herself to be “happy” alone, who fills her days with his meetings with faithful acquaintances and listing the pages memories. But she says: “Wherever I go, I come back home, where I remained face to face silence”.


– My grandfather was from the village of Nakhchivan Kznut, and my  grandmother – from Abragunis. My father born in Kznut  always used to tell her about her  homeland, nature, two brothers and three sisters, games in their childhood, expensive and dear ones. And one day, when I had my family, I decided to visit Nakhichevan. It was a pilgrimage for me.


In 1966, Amalia visited Kznut with her 5-year-old son  Aram, who was also the homeland of Garegin Njdeh.  Local Azerbaijanis interested in the stranger woman’s visit to the one of them remembers his grandfather’s story about a hardworking and kind Armenians, Sahak grandfather’s family, after she shows her big house which has been turned into a school, and the small house where the shop was. On a farewell, Azerbaijani gave Amalia a rose from her grandfather’s garden as a relic from her home plant soil and water. Amalia brings a handful of soil together with rose.


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