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“Women, leadership and development ” New Master of Arts Program

The Yerevan State University’s (YSU) Center for Gender and Leadership Studies (CGLS) and YSU Faculty of Sociology invite applications for the 2015-2017 periods for admission to a new graduate program in “Women, Leadership and Development”, which will be housed at the YSU Department of Applied Sociology. Upon completion of the two-year program, students will earn a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Sociology with a specialization in “Women, Leadership and Development.” The MA program will be served by the department of Applied Sociology of YSU Faculty of Sociology. The “Women, Leadership and Development” MA program is a pioneer initiative in Armenia and includes such modules as:• History of the World Women’s Movement in 19th -20th century,• Cultural Communication and Gender Discrimination,• Women’s Leadership in the Context of Globalization,• Gender and Social Policy,• Methodology of Gender Research,• Women and Social Movements in the Post-Soviet Period,• Gender Aspects of Communication,• Women, Leadership and Management, and• Strategic Management.The “Women, Leadership and Development” MA program is a result of the YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies efforts as part of the Women’s Leadership Program: Advancing Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Armenia, a three-year project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Higher Education for Development in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU) and Yerevan State University. The MA program features highly qualified faculty that actively participate in women’s leadership and gender equality research and outreach. Six members of the faculty were also trained at the ASU School of Social Transformation as visiting scholars in 2013-2014.



MA program students will have opportunities for mentorship and supervision by ASU women and gender studies faculty. Joint online courses and degree programs related to women and gender studies are currently under discussion between ASU and YSU.  Students will potentially be eligible for admission into any joint online courses or degree programs when they are established.



The YSU Center for Gender and Leadership Studies has translated a vast volume of materials on women, gender and leadership studies into Armenian and commissioned research on women and gender issues. The Center also offers educational resources (books, articles, online access to ASU library), which will allow prospective students to develop professionally and conduct academic research. The Yerevan State University Center for Gender and Leadership Studies (YSU CGLS) is an educational and research center, which works in collaboration with higher educational establishments in Armenia, local NGOs and international organizations to support women’s professional development. The YSU CGLS aims to raise awareness of gender issues in Armenian society, provide students with advanced training in women’s and gender studies, organize seminars and courses to promote career advancement for women, and develop public discourse around gender issues in Armenia. In addition, the YSU CGLS supports research on gender issues and women’s leadership and promotes the advancement of gender policy throughout Armenia.  For additional information about the MA program, please call YSU CGLS at 060 710390 or send an e-mail to cgls@ysu.am. The annual tuition fee for the MA program is 450,000 Armenian drams.Applications for MA admission for the 2015-2017 academic years must be submitted as follows: First phase: May 19-June 4, 2015 (open to graduating BA students who will continue their education in the same faculty/profession) Second phase: June 10-June 25, 2015 (open to all interested applicants)Third phase: July 3-August 25, 2015 (open to all interested applicants)



The first phase is based on an interview only. The second and third phases require an examination and an interview.



MA admission examination will be held according to the schedule below: Second phase: June 27-July 2, 2015Third phase: September 1-September 5, 2015  For admission and information on required documents, please visit the YSU Office for Master Programs: YSU main building, 6th floor, Master program department.


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