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Majority of public food entities are in extremely poor sanitary hygiene conditions


After the intoxication case of Baghramyan village schoolchildren Yerevan municipality finally decided to make the inspections in order to determine security of the food sold at the canteen of schools. While questions arise not only related to food sold at school canteen. Very often children buy products also from small kiosks out of school – pancakes, poes, khachapuri. There are such kiosks in surrounding areas, and the danger can be observed even by the naked eye…


As 9-year-old Arevik’s mother told womennet.am, she usually buys food from a kiosk which is in the area of musical school. The mother says now it is confusing which one is more dangerous – food from school canteen or kiosk. Just 10 days ago the child felt bad, they thought that maybe she had caught a cold, but later it became known that she has eaten pies from kiosk, which probably caused the problem.


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