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My mother used to tell me, ”You were born for the country life’’…

Despite the early spring and the unattractive trees, Mrs. Sara was showing their garden with such great affection and concern, telling about the individual care of each tree and ripe fruits that one willing or not may picture her garden in fruitful autumn. Here is a cultivated garden, a small hen-house, where hens and turkeys are fighting. A little duck calling its ”friends”, a rabbit that will soon please the hostess with its newborn kits.  Everyday Mrs. Sara starts her day with many things to do. But as she says she does everything with love.



-We lived in a private house inYerevan, where we had a small greenhouse and I used to sow different greenery and grow flowers there. I do like working with soil. My mother used to tell me ’’You were born for the country life…’’ And so it happened. I met my husband, we fell in love and I came to Ginevet village. I have always liked the country life here. We have three daughters; they are the joy of our house…


Presently, her affection for the flowers decorates not only the yard but also all the windowsills of the house.



– When trees are blooming and bees are buzzing around the trees, everything attracts me here. I like the sound of that bee buzzing a lot! I often approach the apricot-trees in blossom and smell their scent.



During the harvest season we all work together. We pick and sort the crops. Grandpa takes the crops to the market. We have early ripening apple trees, pear trees, cherry trees, apricot trees, sweet fig and walnut trees. I make sujukh for my kids. Everything we have is from our vegetable garden: we don’t buy anything.



Mrs. Sara also makes dried fruits and sells them. Everytime I work new ideas occur to me.



– Step by step I learnt how much sulfur or must portion is needed, etc. Once I was making dried apples, but I overcooked them, and they became too soft. So, I mashed them and spread a thick layer of the mashed fruits on a tray. After drying and cutting it looked like locum and was very delicious. Since then I make it this way.



Everything at home hints that the hostess had put her finger in it: tablecloths, pot holders, bedspreads, even the curtains are her own works. Her younger daughter stepping forward showing her pink shirt as if saying that one is also tailored by her mother.



“I’ve learnt to knit and sew from my aunt” – Mrs. Sara says, whose works have been exhibited at the ”Academia” Gallery. There can hardly be any handwork Mrs. Sara doesn’t know:  stitching, needlework, shuttle work, macrame, etc.



Years ago Mrs. Sara had even opened a small club in their village.

– First, we had our classes in our house, I gathered the children around the heating stove and started teaching them, then the principle of school provided us with a classroom.




Sara Alishanyan leads an active social life as well. She is an active parent. She has been elected as the Chair of the School Parent Council and later – one of the 8 members of School Board. She focuses on each organizational problem.



Watching this dynamic, inquisitive and creative woman, the mother of three lovely girls, you realize nothing is impossible in this life, if you are willing to do it.



– Years ago, when my youngest was 1, I learnt that shuttlework classes are organised at the Hayordats Tun. It was my childhood dream and I realized it,- Mrs. Sara says showing her incomplete lace, which she will finish soon despite being so busy and she’ll also initiate new creative  investigations… She cannot do otherwise…

By Lilit Kochinyan



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