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“Non-Female profession” – two portraits from exhibition

Operator, conductor, rescue, scout – for many people these words are associated with man’s image. However, there are women who have willingly or unwillingly decided to become pioneers of changes. Choosing so-called “male professions”, these women break stereotypes and make their steps towards equality, thus opening way for the others. Two portraits represented below are the heroines of photo exhibition “Non-Female professions” done within the framework of “Equal” campaign. The author of the photos is Aram Kirakosyan.


Let’s remind that ‘Equal” campaign initiated by “Oxfam” and “OxYGen” organization aims at promoting equality between women and men.


When you go towards your brother’s dream


Varduhi Minasyan speaks about choosing her second specialty with excitement till now.  Her brother died as a result of the horrible earthquake, and she decided to realize his dream – to become a conductor. That is why she chose that profession. “When I was a second-year-student my lecturer confused my name and wrote Vardan instead of Varduhi. That was my brother’s name. I did not even want to change it. I took it and presented to my mother as a gift”.


Of course, she thinks that it is not a female profession, that it is easy to become a conductor, but it is very difficult to remain. “You should be a conductor not only in the art, but also in your family, in your motherland, you should be honest and remain “Armenian”. I live in Armenia and do everything in order to spend my future here so that my children can stay in their motherland.


When you like your job…


“When I was a child, I was trying to take a photo of sunrise which was so beautiful from our window. My uncle had a photo camera and I was always following him. However, stereotypes were stronger in choosing my profession. When I entered the University, they asked me if I would like to go to courses for operators but I was shy and refused because at that time there was only one woman-operator in Armenia and I decided to learn journalism». And she confesses that she would never work as an operator if there was no contingence… “During one of the regular shootings the operator refused to go and I took the camera and took the risk of doing everything instead of him… So, today I am grateful to that man, because this work helps me to see the world differently”. And talking about this job Milena says that she has not met any obstacle just because of being a woman.


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