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“We should fight against reasons of sex-selective abortions and not the consequences: opinions of Human Rights Defenders


As it is known, RA Government is preparing legislative amendments to ban sex-selective abortions. Le’s recall that according to the proposed amendments doctor is obliged to provide free advice to woman about possible negative consequences of abortions and three days to make a final decision. Although the proposed legislative package reaffirms that each woman has the right to abortion, civil activists and human rights activists, who took part in survey, expressed concern that proposed changes can limit freedoms and rights of women. Furthermore, in their opinion, the main reason of pre-natal sex-selection is ignored, that is gender inequality within society.


Taguhi Torosyan – active citizen

“This can be the first step in the process of limiting women’s reproductive right and can increase rates of mortality and abortions done with non-medical methods. We should fight against the reasons of abortions and not the consequences.


Nvard Vahane – – active citizen

“If woman’s right to abortion is not limited, it is a good thing, particularly in case of such families where a woman is forced to do abortions. But to decide again instead of a woman when to use opportunity of abortion, when – not, it is will be backsliding”.


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