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EURONEST PA: On Empowering Women in Parliaments and Civil Society

On February 22-23  in the Session Hall of the National Assembly the meeting of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Education, Culture and Civil Society of the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly of the Eastern Partnership were conducted for the first time outside the European Parliament premises.

In framework this meeting Michael Murphy, representative of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) Armenia Office and Jemma Hasratyan, Chairwoman of the Association of Women with University Education, delivered speeches “On Empowering Women in Parliaments and Civil Society.”

Michael Murphy has noted that their organisation functions in Armenia from 1995. According to him, Armenia has a rich resource of women with university education.

Jemma Hasratyan touched upon the problem of women’s representation in the management system and in the issue of making political decisions. In the rapporteur’s opinion, by the final adoption of the bill “On Women’s and Men’s Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities” an opportunity will be created to balance the women’s and men’s participation in all the spheres.


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