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There are only two women ministers in the National Accord Government


Today, on May 12th, the new government headed by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan was completely formed, and all the ministers were appointed by the presidential decrees. In the provisional government of the national consensus that has come to power in the background of the popular wave, consisting of the prime minister, the first vice prime minister, two vice prime ministers and 17 ministers, only two are women.


One of them is deputy of the National Assembly’s “Yelq” faction, Vice-Chairman of the “Lusavor-Hayastan” Party Mane Tandilian, who was appointed the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs. Second, Lilit Makunts, Ph.D., Lecturer of the Armenian-Russian (Slavonic) University, a member of the Liberal Party, was appointed Minister of Culture.


Once again the fact remains. Since the 1990s, two or three women have held ministerial positions in all the governments of Armenia, and this is irrespective of the extent to which women participate in the national movement or the political struggle led by this or that force … This was the result of the movement of 88, it is so today, although there were hopes that this time will be different … The reasons will be talked about later, this is only to prove that the tradition was even stronger  in the case of a new government with younger personnel… By the way, the average age of members of the new government is a bit older than 40. The youngest member is Diaspora Minister Mkhitar Hayrapetyan, 27, the oldest, Minister of Foreign Affairs Zohrab Mnatsakanyan, 52 years old.


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