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Academician Tutelyan is surprised that flour enrichment program has opponents in Armenia


World fasmous scientist, Head Nutritionist of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Director of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Tutelyan is surprised by the fact that flour enrichment program has opponents in Armenia.


Let’s remind that we are talking about a draft law prepared by the Ministrty of Health under which flour will be enriched with iron and folic acid.


Opponents of this initiative argue that excess folic acid causes a number of cancewr diseases, particularly bronchial asthma and other diseases of young children.


«I have always considered Armenians to be smart people. But when I came and learnt that many people are against flour enrichment I was extremely surprised and disappointed. For some reason there are too many opponents of vitamin-enriched food», – said Tutelyan.


According to him, we are proud of high-quality medical services, but the world goes on the direction of keeping people healthy, preventing diseases. He recalled that human health depends on healthy lifestyle, physical activity, environmental impact, etc, and food has the most important role.


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