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Girls progress is the progress of the sustainable development goals


October 11th  is the International Day of the Girl Child according to the UN calendar. Many questions arise about why the United Nations has identified the girl child. The goal is one – to atract world’s attention to the special problems that all the girls face with in the world.


Today, 1.1. billion girls will live. They have a strong potential for the future which will be better for everyone. They are talented and have a creative mind, but their dreams are confronted with discrimination, violence and lack of equal opportunities.


The theme of this year’s International Day the Girl Child is “Girls progress is the progress of the sustainable development  global goals. The council Day is directly linked to the new agenda of sustainable development goals, which is to be implemented by 2030. Today’s born generation will beo teenage girls at that time, 2030, and their progress in this regard will be held in parallel with the progress of sustainable development goals.


In order to detect Girls’  problems and to draw up a precise picture  the United Nations  calls upon to improve the collection and analysis of information about the girls, which is very important to measure progress in achieving sustainable development goals.


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