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The girls spend 160 million hours more doing household chores than boys


5-14-year-old girl children or more than spend 160 million hours or by 40 percent more doing unpaid household chores and bringing firewood or water, than boys. This is proved by  UNICEF recently released report – “Statistical power for the sake of the girls. data collection. Towards 2030”.


The report includes the first global assessment of the girl child, time spent on domestic work, food preparation, cleaning, taking care of family members, collecting firewood and fetch water.


The data show that the unequal distribution of household cares starts from a very early age. Thus, 5-9 year old girls spend by 30 percent or 40 million hours more doing household chores than boys of the same age. The numbers are growing along with young girls, 10-14 years old girls, spend by 50% or 120 million hours more time a day.


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