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The most difficult thing is to live in the country we dreamed about


“In the past 20 days almost everyone has clearly formulated what they want and that more important is what they do not want anymore. They want equality, solidarity and justice, do not want  lie, fraud, clan divisions and hatred of their peers. Everything seems to be simple. And then the most complicated thing. Then we have to live as we wanted in a fair, lawful, tolerant country for everyone, “writes Sona Martirosyan in Mediamax’s column.


When a deputy who has changed four parties and alliances in the National Assembly reads speeches about loyalty and principle, one can understand that his job is to speak. And what should the listener do? At least doubt about loyalty or principle.


Before being proud of teachers, tearing party tickets, we  need to be worried about the quality of education and teachers who bring a value system to the classroom. In addition to being a system problem, and even more, this is a moral issue. These teachers have become partisan in open eyes and sober minds, to participate in the elections. And now, just before you admire the moral awakening of the theatrical presentation, just think: this is the conversion path.


Talking about love and solidarity is the most difficult one. The more you demand, the more you give. In general, it is difficult to love someone different from you like yourself. I offer to just respect. Respect means not to skip out to people’s appearance, religion, political convictions, sexual orientation, color, skin, eyes, hair color. I say a difficult thing, but it is possible. Nothing happens by placing mourning ribbons on the streets in the name of all the living people, injuring the official’s child.


You will reject, saying that they are guilty, that they have managed to reach this degree. And maybe you’re right. They were wrong, but the only option to correct the mistake is to do the right thing. The most difficult thing is just beginning. We have to change ourselves to live side by side.


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