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The husband cut off his wife’s finger tips just because she expressed  desire to get higher education

The residence of Bangladesh cut his wife’s fingertips because she decided to get a higher education. Now her husband faces a long prison term.


30-year-old Rafikul Islam, who earned as a migrant in the United Arab Emirates, has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with plans for his wife, 21-year-old Hui Akhter, to get a degree in science, Daily Mail reports.


Returning home –  to Bangladesh, her husband said he wanted to make a surprise for her, then tied her eyes and mouth, asked to figure out her hand and cut all five fingers. One of the relatives of Islam then threw off the broken fingers into the dump, so that the doctors would not be able to sew again.


The man was arrested by the police on charges of irreparable damage to his wife. Local human rights organizations call on Islam to face life imprisonment. Havai Akhter, who returned home of her  parents, is going to learn to write by her left hand and continue her studies.


Recently attacks on educated women have become more frequent in Bangladesh. Thus, in June, one of the local residents damaged eye of his wife, who was an associate professor at the local university and expressed a desire to continue her studies in Canada.


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