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“This garbage will eat us.” Nubarashen residents’ voice is being heard”

Road leading to the house… road leading from the house … for some it’s a beautiful scenery, for others – modern boutiques, parking, for the other ones – unmatched view of Mount Ararat. I was not luckya as around are garbage bags blown by the wind, and the reason is I am going to Nubarashen community.


“They do not hear and do not see.”


Nubarashen landfill attracts attention from afar. Column of smoke is rushing into the air, causing associations with “nuclear mushroom”. Even in light wind conditions it applies to the whole territory, trying to reach the city center. Residents of Nubarashen are in this ecological disaster epicenter, and seem to have been adapted that in the evenings and even on the street they should breathe with intervals. It is especially heavy in the spring, summer and autumn. You can close the window and fire in the air to escape fails. It is everywhere, even in dreams. Sometimes you quiet for sleeping, and the other inexplicable unpleasant smell spreads absorbed into the body. And this is the least of evils. The largest loss is its influence on the body. This dump is a carcinogen explosive…


“We come to say stop, we cannot tolerate any more of this garbage. The best programs we can invest here, we do not need any money. We can carry it out through companies that are of special interest because of their obligations under international law. These programs can be easily implemented if we eliminate corruption mechanisms”, -promised Zaruhi Postanjyan.  


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