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For these people there are no better people in the world than their children


They often, argue, gossip, sometimes fall in love and get married. Here everyone lives with her/his pain, joy and problems. At one time, their fates were different but from this moment they are the same – the same thing unites everybody – a longing for the past – family, relatives, and friends.


On October 1st the World celebrates the Day of Older people. Today they do not feel less attention. Officials come to see them and congratulate wishing many years of life. This day was not an exception. The old people listen to the congratulations directed to them and then start to tell about their lives.


They used to work, create accommodation, had children, provided opportunities for their education, marriage , etc, … and here their faces become darker, and they remember their best times.


But even in that darkness they do not blame anyone. They do not talk about their ungrateful children; do not tell about how they left their old, sick parents. They tell about the success of their sons and daughters and high performance of their grandchildren, instead.


For these people there are no better people in the world than their children.


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