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Ten cases of maternal mortality have been registered in Armenia since the beginning of this year


The topic is addressed by Panorama.am journalist Lala Ter-Ghazaryan trying to find the answer to the question “Why do mothers or women giving birth to a child die in Armenia?”


On September 2, a woman died in the 36th week of pregnancy at Margaryan Hospital After a caesarean section. The relatives of the 24-year-old mother blame the doctors, claiming they were inattentive and unprofessional. The case on the death of the baby has reached the Investigative Committee yesterday.


The Investigative Committee received a criminal case in connection with the death of a woman. The criminal case was initiated under Article 130 (2) of the Criminal Code, ”the Investigative Committee told Panorama.am.


That article states: “Interference with the professional as well as non-professional support activities of a health care provider who has been perpetrated or threatened with violence or life-threatening violence is punishable by imprisonment for the term of up to two months, or by imprisonment for the term of two to five years.”


Health spokeswoman Alina Nikoghosyan said ten cases of maternal deaths were registered in Armenia this year.


Gayane Avagyan says that in most of the ten deaths, there have been sudden deaths, such as myocardial infarction, epileptic seizures, and in other cases, thromboembolism.


Recall, while there are no forensic findings, they are considered preliminary reasons until the case is completed.


According to data released by the RA Statistical Committee, maternal mortality coefficient for 2018 In January-December made 21.9 points per 100,000 live births.


A rapid response service has been set up to prevent maternal deaths during pregnancy, located in Erebuni and Republican hospitals.


“Since most of the deaths are related to a woman’s health, we are currently implementing programs for the complex examination and treatment of girls under 15,” she said. Now the treatment of children under 18 has become a part of the state order, our efforts are focused on the health of potential mothers, ”Panorama.am’s interlocutor said.


Recall that the World Health Organization defines “maternal mortality” as a pregnancy-related death of a woman, regardless of the duration of the pregnancy that occurred during or after 42 days of pregnancy, for any pregnancy-related cause, complication, or management process. cause of an accident or a sudden reason.

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