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Ani Samsonyan: “Yerevan is not a building or home, we are Yerevan”

Our interlocutor is Ani Samsonyan running in 8th place from “Yelq” block list for the municipal elections. She was born in Yerevan in 1990. In 2011 graduated from Abovyan State Pedagogical  University’s journalism department, in 2013 –  the Department of International Relations of International scientific center of NAS. In 2010-2012 he worked as a researcher at the Center for Folk Art after H.Sharambeyan, in 2012-2013 – at “ArmNews” television news as a reporter. She is a spokesman “Bright Armenia” party, she is married.


By what was your decision.to run for municipal elections conditioned?


 When you’re deciding whether to get involved in politics, you have to apply to the legislative, the executive, as well as participate in local governance. The only way for me to participate in implementation of changes is participation in the decision-making process.  It does not matter how much you write a letter to the municipality or sit under its walls. So you can resolve the situation of small problems, but the causes of their origin and the general approach remains the same. If you have a complaint about any issue, you will also have a proposal to solve this problem. The most effective form of representing and lobbying that proposal is your participation.


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