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Independence peers…


They say political transition is going in a difficult way and we will reach equal representation of women and men in politics only if we have a very strong, smart, competent and fighting women…


Allow me to disagree. today we have such women who are educated, courageous, fair-minded, active and bustling … They say they are still very young, only 25 years old, to be represented at decision-making level, but they have already made their decision in life, getting rid of the indifference and helping people trying make our society more kind, tolerant and fair … You might say impossible mission in this age and will be mistaken again, they have the audacity to do all this, with great success, bringing together many young girls and boys, and serving as an example to those around them.


Let’s wish success in the independence of our peers, the girls and guys who are gathering strength, along with our country, make a difference in our lives and define our better future.


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