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At the time of hiring, the draft law excluding age restriction was adopted unanimously

The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia adopted in second reading and in full the bill authored by Prosperous Armenia MP Tigran Urikhanyan proposing to fix age discrimination as a discrimination in employment.


At the September 10 sitting of the National Assembly, the bill was unanimously adopted. During the discussion of the draft law, the author noted that people who are capable, willing to work, should be hired regardless of age. A number of suggestions have been put forward to fix discrimination as a result of hiring, which have been accepted and incorporated into the project. A number of other features were also included in the discrimination list.


Thus, the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia has been amended by the new Article “Prohibition of Discrimination”.


«3.1. Prohibition of discrimination

  1. Discrimination is prohibited by labor law.
  2. Discrimination is considered to be discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, color, ethnic or social origin, genetic characteristics, language, religion, worldview, political or other views, nationality, property, birth, disability, age, or any other personal or social circumstance. direct or indirect distinction, exclusion or limitation whose purpose or effect is in the event of the emergence and / or modification and / or termination of collective and / or individual labor relations; exhibiting less favorable treatment or prohibiting or denying the recognition and / or exercise of any right provided for by labor law on an equal basis with others, except where such distinction, exclusion or restriction is objectively justified for the justifiable purpose pursued and to the extent lawfully pursued are needed.
  3. It is prohibited in employment applications (competitions) and in the course of employment to establish any other conditions of discrimination other than practical characteristics and professional qualifications, except where these are inherent in the requirements of the job. “


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