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” There is no such person in the world who does not have a dream. My children  have dreams too… ” 


Rita Yeritsyan, who lives in Ptghavan community of Tavush region, told WomenNet. am the story of the past 16 years, that every month she faces the same fact. “Every month I think, what shall I do  this time to be able to pay at least for  a pill or injection ” … Her children 24-year-old Armen and 22-year-old Karine  have “hemolytic anemia,  they regularly need to receive medicine. The mother of the children says that this disease is transmitted by inheritance.


“For three years I have a debt to the shop near us.


We are a family of five people, me, my husband and three children. The only sum coming to our home is  second-degree disability pension given to my two children , and benefit of 17 000 AMD.


She says that once worked as an accountant for a local organization, but after its dissolution could not find a permanent job anymore. “I worked as a baker at bakery,  on summer I went to the fields. It happened so that I went to do  laundry, to get money so that at least to pay for a pill ensuring that my children will not be taken to a hospital”.


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