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No child in the world should be deprived of education opportunity even in war conditions – Malala Yusufzay


Prominent Pakistani Human Rights activist 18-year-old Malala Yusufzay, who underwent an assassination attempt by the Taliban, has appealed to heads of states and governments asking them to do everything possible to ensure that all girls and boys have the opportunity to go to school.

This year’s Nobel Prize winner Malala Yusufzay arrived at the UN Headquarters related to sustainable development summit. In her speech she mentioned that too many children do not go to school because they are forced to work, pushing girls into forced marriage and limiting access to education. In addition, children are often unable to study because of poverty and conflict.


“We have come here in order to ask world leaders to ensure everyone’s right to education – the right to go to school and receive quality education. Each child has the right to receive elementary and secondary education”, – said Malala during the press conference organized for journalists. There were four girls with her from Syria and Nigeria and two girls from Pakistan who were also subjected to attacks by Taliban, because of fighting for girls’ education.


“We are speaking on behalf of the girls from different countries of the world, on behalf of children and young people”, – said Malala, adding that no child should be deprived of education opportunity in the world.


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