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Promotion formula. Tavush women in local elections / video

Azatamut community 14 kilometers from Ijevan is a unique community that sets the record in terms of women’s political participation. 4 of 7 council members are women. Only 5 out of the 61 workers in community structures are men. In 2013, at the Prime Minister award ceremonyn  Azatmut was awarded a diploma “The best rural community in terms of addressing gender issues”.



On September 18th, the municipal elections will be held here. Among 15 council candidates running in the election, nine are women.



Azatamut mayor Zhora Martirosyan said that although there is no lack of men in the village, but they solve the problems trusting women. He admits he would prefer to work with women.


“The work that is being done here is being done at the expense of women. That is true that men are strong, but we open ways for women, so that they can be able to go ahead and help us, “says Mr. Martirosyan.



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