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In six villages, mayors and councilors will be elected extraordinarily

Extraordinary elections are scheduled for September 29th, besides the regular elections of local self-government bodies. According to the information published on the official website of the Central Election Commission, three villages will  elect community heads on an  extraordinary basis. None of these three communities has previously run a woman. In three other communities, only councilor elections are scheduled.


Aram Harutyunyan, the RPA village head, resigned after residents complained. They claimed that the mayor had seized their land. A. Harutyunyan was elected mayor on June 10, 2018. On April 13 of this year, the Vanevan Community Council adopted a decision to terminate the powers of the community head.



Getap community head Gor Stepanyan was elected to the post on October 2, 2016, but resigned on April 19 of this year.


The village of Zartonk was headed by Emil Yeghiazaryan. He also resigned before expiration of his term.


The executive made a decision on the extraordinary election of Artashat council members on June 20th. The 15 members of the community council were elected on September 18th, 2016. In May of this year, eight out of 15 community council members submitted resignations. Due to this circumstance, further meetings of the Artashat community councils became impossible as the number of council members decreased by more than half of the statutory number, with 7 of the 15 council members remaining


It should be noted that  two of the former council members were women – Nazaryan Heriknaz and Hayrapetyan Ruzan.


In the Arevabuyr community the problem was the same, and the decision to hold snap elections was made at the same session. Authorities of Jivan Manukyan, one of the five members of the Council of Elders, have been suspended; The latter was appointed Acting Chief of Community on September 10th, 2018. Two council members submitted resignations. As a result, two of the five council members remained. There were no women in the council.



In the Yeghegnut village of Armavir region, no council meeting was convened for more than six months. As a result, a new staff will be selected. One of the seven members of the former council was a woman, Emma Abrahamyan.


According to the timetable published on the CEC website, candidates must submit their registration documents by September 4-8, including 6 pm, in order to run in these communities.


The registration of the nominated candidates is held on September 8-10, including 18:00.


Candidates have ten days to submit their pre-election plans and promises to present their vision of resolving existing problems –  September 17-27, including 24:00.

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