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The consequences of criminal actions against the peaceful population of Artsakh

The actions of Azerbaijan are aimed at deepening the humanitarian catastrophe in Artsakh, leading to 20 deaths, 93 injuries and 5800 material damage, the ombudsman of the Artsakh Republic stated.


Within the framework of the fact-finding mission launched in the staff of the Human Rights Defender of the Artsakh Republic, from 27.09.2020 to 07.10.2020 was carried out a thorough study and analysis of the cases of criminal encroachments on the civilian population of Artsakh by the Azerbaijani armed forces, the results of which are presented below.


As of October 7, a total of 20 civilians had been killed, including 1 girl, 7 women and 12 men. A child, five women, four men were killed in the yard of their house, and the others in public places of different settlements (central square, district). Deaths were registered in Stepanakert (7 persons), Martuni (6 persons), Hadrut (1 person) and Martakert (3 persons), in Alashan settlement of Martakert region (1 person) and near Mets Shen community (1 person), Askeran region Aygestan community (1 person).


A total of 93 people were injured, of which 73 were seriously injured. 60 of them are male and 13 are female.


Thirty-seven of the men were injured in the blast, six were taken to a relatively safe place, seven were taken to work and 23 were taken to other public places.


The received bodily injuries are mainly located on the lower, upper extremities and face of the victims, in the form of shrapnel wounds.


36 people were seriously injured in Stepanakert city or adjacent areas, 3 people in Hadrut regional center, 3 people in Taghaser community, 1 person in Vardashat community of the same region, 13 people in Martuni regional center of Martuni, 1 person in Spitak Shen community, 2 people in Martakert regional center of Martakert, 6 people in Maghavuz community, 2 people in Nerkin Horatagh community, 3 people in Alashan settlement, 1 person in Mataghis community of the same region, 2 people in Karvachar community of Shahumyan region.


Since September 27, the Azerbaijani armed forces have targeted more than 100 civilian settlements in the Artsakh Republic, destroying or damaging numerous infrastructures and private property. In particular, according to preliminary data, more than 4,600 privately owned real estates (houses, shops, etc.), more than 430 cars, about 750 infrastructural, public-production facilities were seriously damaged.


The staff of the Artsakh Human Rights Defender continues the fact-finding mission, the results of which will be updated.


The Defender emphasizes that the mentioned victims and injuries were registered as a result of the use of prohibited weapons and methods. Azerbaijan widely uses heavy and wide-range missiles and aircraft against the civilian population, some of which are of a cluster nature. Moreover, over the past six days, Azerbaijan has been deliberately and targetedly hitting the vital civilian infrastructure in Stepanakert and other settlements, which is a serious war crime, deepening the humanitarian catastrophe in Artsakh.


The Human Rights Defender calls on international human rights organizations to take concrete steps to prevent the escalation of the humanitarian catastrophe in Artsakh and to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Artsakh.


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