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Two women were nominated for the first time in the Artsakh presidential elections

On March 31st, the Republic of Artsakh will elect a president. This election differs from the previous ones as for the first time women are also running for the post of Artsakh president – two of the 14 registered candidates are women.


Little is known about the candidates. Both Christine Balayan and Bella Lalayan are self-nominated, both saying they have high expectations of the election and are heading for victory.


Bella Lalayan. “I think Artsakh needs a female leader right now”


Bella Lalayan is a journalist by profession, a non-party, known for her critical attitude. She says: I’m the only candidate they can’t force. This is the very basis on which she is building her election campaign, although she says she will not do active propaganda as “the Artsakh people know very well that injustice will not go away from their eyes.”


“I’m not going to convince you. I have never wrapped my presence around anyone’s neck or forced anyone. Just because my civic stance is familiar to people, they are aware of my principles, witness my continuing fight against injustice, then I’ll let them decide for themselves if they want to give me a chance to build this country, why am I struggling for so many years or not? ”says the presidential candidate.


The motive for the election, she said, is that the conflicting country needs maternal care.


“In my decision, the goal was first to break the stereotypes, because in Artsakh, in the political arena, women always play secondary roles. Second, I think Artsakh needs a female leader right now. This may sound a bit absurd at first glance, but the woman instinctively holds everything she possesses with her teeth. I think Artsakh needs a woman’s caring hands and instinct to keep what it has. Third, one of my goals was to be an exemplary fighter without a dirty and vicious campaign against competitors. I want to show the other candidates with my participation that they can fight, compete without spreading animosity and hatred, ”Bella Lalayan says.


The candidate has not assembled a team, but has a plan that she says is “more modest than her goals.” And she believes in being elected. And after being elected, she promises to make the country a dream country. “I am ready to assume the role of head of state. I am sure I will do what no leader has done so far. I am confident that the Artsakh I run will be the best place to live,” said journalist, presidential candidate Bella Lalayan.


Christine Balayan. “Artsakh needs strong president”


Presidential candidate, economist by profession, Director of Artsakh Arts Foundation Christine Balayan was born in Baku in 1988 when she was ten years old, moved to Russia with her family and then returned to Artsakh. Her father was killed in 1992 in the Artsakh war. For 20 years I worked as a deputy director at the Youth and Creative Center, and for the past 4 years I was the director of the Artsakh Arts Forum Foundation.


She insists that “Artsakh needs a strong president”, convinced that this fact has nothing to do with gender. Her motto is “Human is the highest value”.


“One who is so strong that can put his/her own interests aside, will be a strong president. The 14 candidates are a big number, but it doesn’t matter that they have a political path. And I have my own path as a citizen and I know what is going on among the people, with the people, “says Mrs. Balayan confident in her victory.


By the way, one of the candidate’s goals is also to increase women’s participation in political processes and hopes that her first experience will open the door for other women as well. But not just nominating to achieve this, Christine Balayan knows that many things need to be changed in public perceptions as well.


“I’m going to try to explain to people what I want to do, how I can help my state, my people. I have always said that I am not someone from outside, I am in the middle, I have gone through all the difficulties together with the people. Maybe I’m not known for what I did, I didn’t do for selfies to show that I did something. I don’t like that formality, I never will. But when I talk to people I will say what I want to do. If the people agree, they will vote for me, if not, I’m not silent, ”says the presidential candidate.

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