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Arpine Hovhannisyan – “My Word of a Professional”…

The newly elected parliamentarian Arpine Hovhannisyan from RPA faction is a Candidate of Juridical Sciences and lectures at the Department of Civil Law of Yerevan State University. In line with her university education, she worked at the Ministry of Justice, later at the Administration of RA President, and lastly as an Advisor to RA National Assembly Speaker.


– I am against revolutionary developments in life in general, and I am prone to evolution path. During my entire life I made achievements step by step, and the idea of doing more and more appeared gradually. My entry to politics was a result of the same normal and natural development. I would like to express my word of a professional in the politics and serve Armenia and its nation by the knowledge I gained and still to be gained. I approach all matters with a great enthusiasm, even if a minor problem I try to resolve it as my highest priority. Regarding expression of discrimination towards women I would classify it two ways: an external discrimination and an internal self-boundary by women themselves. When the woman doesn’t visualize her role in the social activities and doesn’t seek for her career development the phenomenon leads to external discrimination – “a glass ceiling” as per gender terminology. This or that way all women collide with discrimination, but I believe each should overcome internal complexes and only after that it would be possible to overcome the external impediments..

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