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“Opening Doors of Hope”: film about Temple Grandin

This autobiographical film tells about one of the leading scientists in the field of agriculture, Temple Grandin, who was able to find a place in the life of an avant-garde propagating humanitarian attitudes toward animals. The film was shot  based on the books of Temple Grandin “Opening the Doors of Hope” and “Thinking Through Pictures”. In 2010, Time magazine included Temple Grandin in the list of 100 influential people in the series “Heroes”.


Temple Gandin is not like everyone else, but not worse than others. She struggles all the time to prove it. She is an autistic, and, as she says, she is thinking by linking these images to one another. This unique talent helps her throughout her life. Until the age of four, she is unable to speak and the doctors advise to lock her in hospital. However, thanks to her mother’s efforts and faith, Temple succeeds in graduating the school. At school, Temple’s interest in natural sciences and love towards animals were demonstrated.


It’s hard  for Temple at every stage of life, but she has a motto: “This is the next door that you just have to open.” Still, however, the doors of life are opened to Temple, thanks to her stubbornness and the few people who love and believe in her. One afternoon at Temple’s cottage, in her aunt’s house, they see how to cure the cows in a special device that the cow will rest. Similarly to this device, Temples is preparing a self-propelled car, where she feels safe and comfortable. This device helps her to balance and relax, and is also used to calm the autistic people in medicine.


For some time, Temple goes to school for children with special needs. Here she meets a teacher of natural sciences Karlok who immediately sees the girl’s talent and believes in her strength. Temple well knows that autism helps her to understand animals better and decides to write a diploma work about cows bleat.


Grandin has a rich spiritual inner world, emotional and amazing abilities for natural sciences. In an exclusive talent and impressive game, Temple Grandin starred actor Claire Dains, who won the Guild Awards for Emmy, Golden Globe and US Film Actors.


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