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 “Shut up, it is not your matter…etc”

The members of the Yerevan Council of Elders were interacting with each other during yesterday’s session. At the same time, this indecisive level of debate was secured by the joint efforts of both male and female deputies of the capital…


The problem was that the questions of the members of the opposition factions on the issues included in the agenda obviously were not pleasant for some members of the Republican faction.


It is hard to say what kind of meetings will be held at next council meetings, just to state that while state officials every day state that Armenia is becoming a more democratic country, the situation in the political field is the opposite. We are steadily shifting to the level of “street fighters” when a healthy debate does not exist, and voraciousness, personal insult and sexism are key actors. It is especially sad  that such rules of the game are accepted and adopted by women. It turns out that international allegations stating that the presence of women in the political circles is inhibited by men, making them more tolerant and respectful towards each other, are not right at least in the reality of Armenia.


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