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Blitz Survey: “Are You Ready to Protect Women’s Interests in the Parliament?”

WomenNet.am launches a series of interviews with newly-elected female MPs. Our first question is whether you are ready to protect women’s rights from the parliamentary podium …


Mary Galstyan, “My Step” Faction


– I am confident that the harmonious development of society cannot be imagined without the full realization of women’s rights. Women should be involved in all spheres of social and political life. As a representative of the legislative body, first of all my focus will be on the gaps in the legal dimension which in any way hinders women’s participation or leads to unequal conditions and approaches. I also stress the role of non-governmental organizations and civil society groups in the protection of women’s rights and I am looking forward to establishing closer cooperation with them. However, besides the legal framework, very often women’s issues are interconnected with the stereotypes in public perceptions. Women who break those stereotypes should be examples, being active, initiating, overcoming obstacles, and thus to inspire others and pave the way for next generations.


Anush Beghloyan, “My Step” Faction


– I regard women’s rights in the context of human rights and any discrimination is unacceptable to me. I am always ready to speak about human rights protection if there is a clear cause, case or bill that requires my comment. I think women’s economic independence, equality of salaries, lack of leadership women, and so on are among the priorities of women’s rights.


Anna Kostanyan, “Brght Armenia” Faction


Of course, I am ready to voice these issues and have confirmed that readiness during many meetings. I am ready to raise the issues of equal rights for men and women as much as possible. I also think that at the educational level, reforms should be made to ensure the protection of women’s and men’s rights through education and culture …


Tatevik Gasparyan, “My Step” Faction


Of course, there are many issues related to women’s rights that, in my opinion, are largely due to the lack of awareness. I am ready to thoroughly study and think about projects that I will be able to contribute to not only voicing those issues, but also providing realistic solutions.


Sona Ghazaryan, “My Step” Faction:


“My previous activity has not been related to women’s rights, but by promoting the violated constitutional rights of citizens and being in various civil initiatives, I have tried to prove that a woman has something to say in politics and can overcome all the stereotypes that hinder women’s politics.


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