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A small part of nature


“A woman living in the village is closer to nature, to be clearer, they are a part of nature because due to her efforts and care, the seeds sown grow and yield harvest”, says Armine Asulyan who lives in Lori Berd village of Lori Region.
Armine is 32 years old, but she is already known in the village as a skilled farmer and many people consult with her on how to sow, cultivate various plants and what kind of harvest to expect. Armine acquired all of these skills from her parents, to which she added her love towards farming and the wish to learn new things.
“I don’t even remember when I started land cultivation. I used to help my mother to grow beans, cucumbers and other vegetables. When already 12 I helped my father to mow the grass and everybody was surprised as they realized that such hard work was done only by men.
Armine is married now; she has three children and a small household where she grows fruit trees, wheat, beans, cucumbers, potatoes and other vegetables. But most of all she is proud of her wonderful roses; no one can pass by being indifferent to theses flowers.   “They are my queens”- she smiles. Armine isn’t less enthusiastic when she talks about her grapes. They have grown and lashed so nicely; her husband constructed a wonderful pavilion with vines last summer where they like to sit, dine and talk about children, harvest and their future plans during long summer evenings.

Armine does not engage in cultivation only, she also deals with husbandry.
“I have two cows, two heifers,  hens, geese and pigs, but I am  thinking of increasing the stock of the animals,  as  my helping hands are growing up”, she said  and remembered an incident from her childhood. I was still in school when our lamb was born in the field, I carried the lamb home on my shoulders and didn’t want to drop it as I was afraid that thorns could injure its feet or get tired and fall down. Those who have been Armine’s guests surely tasted madzoun /natural yogurt/, butter, sour cream and halva made by her that simply melt in the mouth.

I grow and cook everything for my children so that they eat organic food and be healthy.  It is an indescribable feeling when you plant a seed with the size of less than a centimeter and grow it, get harvest, cook it and serve it to your relatives- says Armine and notes that it would be also great if she could sell those products.
She is busy in winter also as she grows room plants. Among them she takes special care of the “tree of happiness”.
-When we have difficulties, the flowers wilt and turn yellow and when we overcome the problems they start to bloom and become fresh again. It is an amazing flower; if I didn’t have it, I’d never believe in that miracle.
By the way, Armine also engages in social work. She is a member of local council of child rights protection. Recently with her help the custody of a grandchild was given to the grandmother.


Karine Petrosyan

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