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Gayane Abrahamyan “I Have the Honor to Participate in Yerevan City Council Elections” 

Gayane Abrahamyan, the founder of the “Article 3” club and the head of the Equal Rights NGO Gayane Abrahamyan, has announced today on her Facebook page that she will take part in the forthcoming snap elections of the Yerevan City Council by the “Civil Treaty” party list.


In his note, he particularly mentioned:


“Dear friends, I have the honor to participate in the Yerevan Council of Elders elections as well as the work and programs I have been implementing as a journalist, as well as a head of a public organization in recent years, I hope to carry out as a council member soon.


For the journalist this is an extremely responsible decision, but I think that all the issues that have been in my focus for years have been the devastating destruction of public spaces and parks, distorting the architectural view of the city, transport problems, urban budget defraces and urban absence of economic development programs, unobtrusive corruption chains, disproportionate access to education rights, actual accessibility and inclusion of the city, uninterrupted polyclinics update status, waste management and many other issues, raising possible new capacity and will leverage more effective solution.


The upcoming elections will be the first to touch on the new electoral framework, new principles of political struggle, election bribes, administrative resource and pressure, where fraudsters, public opinion manipulators, political agendas, concept makers and clear, realistic programs will come out.


This time the residents of the capital will make a genuine choice not only to vote but also to choose between the project and the prepared team, and, finally, the capital Yerevan will be guided not by an “appointed” person, properly supervised and prepared by the team.


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