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Gayane Harutyunyan: “People should not be indifferent towards their town, house, yard, park”


Eghegnadzor council member Gayane Harutyunyan, who is running for re-election on October 2d, is an anxious, compassionate woman towards people and community issues. She says that man is a social being and must not be indifferent towards her town, house, courtyard, garden. Like everybody else, she takes her grandchildren to the city park, playground being mentally proud to have a role in their construction. Proud of the fact that different parts of the city flower gardens were created, roofs of 36 buildings on the result of his persistence, 8 yards, kindergartens were renovated kitchen, and as a physician he is always attentive to the quality of food, especially in kindergarten …


She participates in this election with slogan “To support women by faith” She says that without women it is difficult to ensure the progress of the development and education of the new generation.

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