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Men’s perceptions of gender equality. Research 


A woman should tolerate violence in the name of family unity – 44.6% men and 27.8% women agree with this assertion


In some cases, a woman deserves being beaten  – 35.2% of men and 21% women agree with this statement


When a woman is raped, she  usually does something putting in this situation – this is the opinion of 40.9% men and 24.2% women


These data are part of the survey “Men and gender equality issues in Armenia” conducted  by the  United Nations Population Fund in 2016. This research was conducted for the first time in Armenia with IMAGES methodology, applied in the various countries of the world and adapted  to the realities and peculiarities of Armenia. The poll conducted among  1,600 citizens of 18-59 age group  of Armenia, Yerevan and regions.


UN Population Fund Executive Representative Garik Hayrapetyan said that  the  objective of this national study was to find out what are the ideas of equality in our society, masculinity, violence, marriage, intimate relationships and family responsibilities. In the process the first time they tried to make audible especially men’s  voice, because women usually participate in such research more.


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