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Rural women are important actors in sustainable development



The UN says that worldwide, women make up almost half of the employed in agriculture in developing countries, where agriculture accounts for 32% of GDP, about 80% of the economically active women are engaged in agriculture and food production. At the same time women constitute 70% of people suffering from hunger worldwide.


Appreciating the important role of women and their contribution to agricultural development, food security and poverty eradication in the United States declared October 15th on his official calendar as the International Day of Rural Women is declared.


It is no coincidence that immediately following day the United Nations celebrates two dates: October 16th – The World Food Day, October 17th – the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. Thus emphasizes the special role of women in poverty eradication and hunger and ensuring food security. In fact, since 2010, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization to make one of its preferences “Women – the key to food security” principle, offering to consider the elimination of gender inequality as a problem in agricultural development and food security.


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