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“90% of women’s rights in the village are being violated, whether at home or at work”

Greta began to bake bread at the age of 20 when she came to Yeghegis after marriage. At first it was difficult, then she got used, “The difficulty of living separately is all that you need to do everything yourself, there is no help.” They say the taste of bread and lunch is conditioned by the hands of the housekeeper. Although she has a health problem,  overcomes all the economic challenges typical of the village woman.

In a question if she would like to live in the city, she says that she might have wanted at a young age, but now she has to help her husband and daughter in the village.

For many years, Greta worked in the village kindergarten, then at the school as a technical worker with a salary of 25,000 drams. Under the pretext of reducing the job, they were dismissed without a prior notice.

Because of health problems, Gretta did not insist and did not fight for her right to work, did not apply to the education department of the region, and then did not want to work in an unhealthy atmosphere, it is not pleasant to work under strained relations. However, she is upset that she has been treated unfairly, but she has not fought, so she continues to insist that you must fight for your rights.

Greta is not indifferent to the situation in the country, the situation in the village. Active participation of women in national and local elections is positive and right. According to her, women should be in the governing bodies of the state, they will be approachable to any question, unlike men, their shame and conscience are more.

The woman is the porch of the house; the whole house is on her shoulders. But the woman is not just for her family, the woman should also be the foundation of the state, and the state today is based on a woman’s shoulders, all the iniquities go out of the women’s chest. In the past, women avoided expressing their opinion on the state of the country. But they fight today and do well. I know one thing that is important to have a caring and knowledgeable leader that has been hearted, everything will be in its place, the people will work, and the country and the community will flourish, “says Greta.


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