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The program “Nanny at the expense of the state” should be more flexible. Discussion

Beneficiary mothers of the project “Nanny at the expense of the state” complain that the paperwork is long, taxes are many. They also suggest that the limitations on record and average wages should be removed, making the program more flexible and accessible, better organizing of awareness. The representative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs acknowledges that there are problems that most of them are technical, of course, the program will be implemented for the first time and problems will gradually be solved. At the end of the year, the effectiveness of the program will be summed up and conclusions will be made.


The human rights defender’s assessments were rather tough. In his opinion, it is a beautifully packaged program, which deprives  parents of 18,000 AMD from, adding 12,000 AMD resulting in two taxpayers.


The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare reminds that since the program has been launched in the middle of the year, the funds allocated allowed more people to be included in the program. As a result, instead of the 200 beneficiaries planned for 2018, their number is 310 on November 14th, the number will reach 350 by the end of the year.


One of the mothers participating in the discussion noticed that neither the regional division staff nor the public are well-informed about the program. In addition, she suggests removing the average monthly salary requirement as she combines and lectures at several universities and sometimes gets a little more than 195,000 AMD.


Human rights activist Emil Markosyan drew the attention of the audience to another circumstance. The institution of nursing in Armenia is not well-established as a parent does not know if the  nurse whom he  trusts a baby,  has health and mental problems. He inquired whether the state has any controlling function in that respect.


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