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Diana Gasparyan: “I came with the principle of building the new”


Diana Gasparyan, the newly appointed acting mayor of Etchmiadzin, in an interview with WomenNet.am told how she made her decision after taking the government’s offer. She says she has created imaginary scales for herself, puts risks into the scale, and adds to the other dimensions. As a result, the positivity has plummeted, and she has assumed the responsibility to bring the city back to its normal course in a decisive period.


It is the first case in the history of Armenia’s newly independent history when a woman takes mayor’s position. This fact has been added to the background of the scandalous resignation of former Mayor of Echmiadzin Karen Grigoryan, son of General Manvel Grigoryan.


In conversation with us, Diana Gasparyan also said that when they offered this position, family members were very worried. “My mother was very worried, my father believed in my strength, and my friends said that they lost me (laughing-). Of course, my mother believed in my strengths, but it was a lot of trouble. I understand everyone because my assignment was unexpected, but the political team believed in me and trusted me and I decided to take that responsibility on me, trying to solve the most urgent issues in the role of the acting mayor.


Diana Gasparyan, acting mayor in Echmiadzin, is not so known to public, though she was born in Etchmiadzin but studied and worked in Yerevan.


Let us remind that ex-mayor of Etchmiadzin Karen Grigoryan resigned on his own request and before that Echmiadzin residents held protests demanding his resignation and insisting that no work is being done to improve the city, there are no development programs.


In a question of Dianna Gasparyan is going to nominate her candidacy for the upcoming elections in October, she stresses that the political team is deciding now, and now she just has to work and raise the issue of the city’s priority.


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