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Doctor Smile Healing with care and love


“Mediamax” tells about Patch Adams’s visit to Armenia


Dr. Patch Adams doesn’t cure people with medicine. He preaches that the best medicine is laughter, care and love. For many years he has dressed up like a clown to visit hospitals with pockets full of laughter. To him, being a clown is a means of opening up people’s hearts and souls. Dr. Adams recently visited Armenia with his group of hospital clowns in collaboration with the IDeA Foundation. During their stay they visited orphanages and children’s hospitals in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor and Dilijan.

“…Patch visited our orphanage and met children with intellectual and physical disabilities. Our staff carefully watched his way of working with the children. Those children who you usually would not see smiling even for a second were very much at peace with him. Children need love and laughter very much.”

“…It was also surprising that after some time with the children, no language barrier or difference was evident: they could understand each other easily. They were using the language of laughter and love. Each child has an individual problem, and we have learned many new ways to approach them from Dr. Adams’ visit.”

Patch Adams noted, “In the history of mankind, the greater share of love has always come from women. Irrespective of how horribly men treat women, they love their children strongly.”


Photo by IDeA Foundation


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