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“What kind of woman are you?” sexism as a functioning style of Yerevan Council of Elders

Today’s sitting of the Yerevan Council of Elders turned out to be obscure with a political debate, as some of the speakers were not able to climb up from the level of insult and sexism…


“Malicious political dwarfs have been revealed that are continuously leading the Council of Elders to politics,” said Levon Igityan, a member of the Yerevan City Council RPA faction, stating that he is not personally engaged in politics and believes it is his advantage.


“The woman has been twice in the National Assembly, she has received 120,000 US dollars from us as a salary, I do not say about the bonuses, I want to understand what the country and the people have earned from it” said Levon Igityan.


“Zaruhi Postanjyan constantly says,” This is how I understand it, I think. ”And who are you”, – said the member of the Republican Party of Armenia, noting that, unlike Postanjyan,” if I put everything I have done on your neck you will get a grab “…


“By what right do you speak against this city or sue, what ambitions are these…? Your end is immigration … You are not in love with the city, you are an enemy. What kind of woman are you? A woman should have something attractive, but you do not have it”, – concluded Levon Igityan, accusing Postanjyan of being guided by the United States and engaged in chaos.


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