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School food. Not pies, khachapuri, but yoghurt, bananas and apples

In Armenian schools, children often eat not proper food. The break is mostly made of buckwheat, khachapuri, hot dog, fast food or sausage with bread. These are simple carbohydrates and sugary foods that are empty calories and do not contain essential proteins, high-fat acids. At school age, a child should not only get proper nourishment, but also acquire proper knowledge of proper nutritional rules. Panorama.am reporter Lala Ter-Ghazaryan addresses the issue.


“International experience shows that if a child is educated to literally eat at school age, he maintains that lifestyle. In contrast, it is very difficult when children learn to eat wrong. For example, a child should understand that the pie does not have proper nourishment, it is a one-way nutrition, besides, it should be eaten in the morning, not in the afternoon break, “Doctor of Nutrition David Pipoyan told Panorama.am.


The specialist attaches great importance to the fact that the kids start the day with breakfast. This should be the sweetest day of the day, sweets can be eaten before going to school, not for the other hours of the day. Among the main breaks there should be “mini-breaks” during which children should eat fruits and vegetables.


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