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Scandal connected with the directors of schools and kindergartens: questions which we do not notice

Disclosure of recordings with  114directors of schools and kindergartens by “Informed Citizens Association” made much noise. The media immediately responded to it with sensational headlines, social networks were bathed with criticism,  a protest march was held in the capital, calling on the Commission to apply to the Court to cancel lawsuit of  ruling party participation in elections. This is reflected in the margin of a number of issues that many preferred to ignore.


First, on the issue –  The “Informed Citizen’s Union” NGO on behalf of RPA campaign headquarters called  regional and city schools and nurseries and directors of the 84 schools and 30 kindergartens acknowledged that the lists were submitted for the Republican Party. According to the response of the Republican party  to the statement, “The Electoral Code does not prohibit citizens to be involved in propaganda and organizational work outside of working hours and job duties.”


Meanwhile, Director of “Informed Citizens Association” NGO Daniel Ioannisyan argues that the directors of educational institutions have been involved in the party activities during working hours. According to him, all calls were made during the working hours to the office numbers of directors. “In case of inaccuracies in the voter lists, many of the directors said they that right now they can look at their lists and answer, so the lists they  keep in their offices  and they deal with it  during working hours” says Ioannisyan.


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